Mini Squash at the Nottinghamshire School Games


Mini squash is one of the new sports being trialled at the Nottinghamshire School Games in July 2014.


We are looking to prepare school teams for this event through taster sessions, coaching and inter-school matches during the Spring and Summer terms.


The teams would typically comprise children in Years 5 & 6 but we can also deliver PE taster sessions to younger classes as well.







Squash4Schools: What is it?


Squash4Schools introduces primary school children (yrs 3 - 6) to “Mini Squash” using inflatable rebound nets (Numacourts) which can be set up in a school hall, playground or classroom.


Numacourts are lightweight self-standing rebound nets against which the players hit the ball and try to return it before it bounces twice.


Inter-School Tournaments


Squash4Schools organises inter-school mini-squash tournaments on behalf of a group of schools.


Mixed teams of 10 from the same year group represent each school at a tournament which takes place in one of the schools’ main hall.


4 portable courts are used and the event lasts approximately 1 hour.



Coaching & Equipment


We supply coaches, courts, rackets and balls and help children of all abilities learn the basics during sessions which are typically 45-60 mins long.


The frame is 2m high x 2m wide and can be inflated in less than 30 seconds. The ball is soft rubber, similar in size to a tennis ball.


Contact us to arrange mini-squash coaching at your school during

PE lessons or after-school sessions today!

Key Skills Delivered


This mini-version of the real game of squash is a fun way to develop the 5Cs: Coordination, Concentration, Communication, Confidence and Cooperative Play.


After a few minutes of practice, we usually find that most children can keep a rally going with their playing partners and then play for points.


We show them the basic techniques to improve their shot selection, accuracy, and connection with the ball. We also provide information as to where they can play squash in the local area.



Contact Form


To find out more either complete the following form or contact Mike Sheriston, Chair of Nottinghamshire Squash, on 0115 937 5652




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